About Service Charges

Virtual Machine Usage Charges

Product Unit Unit Price (Rate Per Unit)
Mini VM Service 1Hour AU$0.056706
Economy VM Service 1Hour AU$0.121416
Standard VM Service 1Hour AU$0.243976
Standard 7 VM Service 1Hour AU$0.325294
Advanced 3 VM Service 1Hour AU$0.365176
Advanced VM Service 1Hour AU$0.486808
Standard 15 VM Service 1Hour AU$0.569333
High-Performance 3 VM Service 1Hour AU$0.649059
Advanced 15 VM Service 1Hour AU$0.730235
High-Performance 7 VM Service 1Hour AU$0.770824
High-Performance VM Service 1Hour AU$0.973615
Standard 30 VM Service 1Hour AU$1.216985
Double High 7 VM Service 1Hour AU$1.21699
Advanced 30 VM Service 1Hour AU$1.662353
Double High 15 VM Service 1Hour AU$1.6624
Double High VM Service 1Hour AU$1.94723
Standard Disk Usage Charges

Product Unit Unit Price (Rate Per Unit)
System Disk 1GB*Hour AU$0.000235
Storage Options Usage Charges

Product Unit Unit Price (Rate Per Unit)
Additional Disk 1GB*Hour AU$0.000235
System Image Storage Service 1GB*Hour AU$0.000235
System Backup Service 1GB*Hour AU$0.000235
Data Backup Service 1GB*Hour AU$0.000235
System Snapshot Service 1GB*Hour AU$0.000235
Data Snapshot Service 1GB*Hour AU$0.000235
Network Options Usage Charges

Please note: When the redundancy option is enabled for either the Firewall Service(Turbo) or the Server Load-Balancing Service(Normal, Turbo), two instances will be charged independently according to their respective usage.

Product Unit Unit Price (Rate Per Unit)
Global IP Address 1Hour AU$0.0126
Firewall Service Normal(Redundancy) 1Hour AU$0.2836
Firewall Service Turbo 1Hour AU$0.5665
Server Load-Balancing Service Normal 1Hour AU$0.026689
Server Load-Balancing Service Turbo 1Hour AU$1.071
IPsecVPN Service 1Hour AU$0.5541
Additional NIC Service 1Hour AU$0.0139
OS Environment Usage Charges

Product Unit Unit Price (Monthly Rate)
OS Environment Windows Server Enterprise Edition 1License AU$161.40
OS Environment Windows Server Standard Edition 1License AU$49.66
OS Environment Redhat Enterprise Linux(Support Included : 24 hours 365 days) 1License AU$300.00
Middleware Options Usage Charges

Product Unit Unit Price (Monthly Rate)
SQL Server Standard Edition 1License AU$417.37
OSS Web Platform(PHP/PostgreSQL) 1License AU$31.65
OSS Web Platform(PHP/MySQL) 1License AU$31.65
OSS Web Platform(Tomcat/PostgreSQL) 1License AU$31.65
OSS Web Platform(Tomcat/MySQL) 1License AU$31.65
OSS Web Platform(Ruby/PostgreSQL) 1License AU$31.65
OSS Development Support Tools 1License AU$31.65
OSS Web Platform(Ruby/MySQL) 1License AU$31.65